It’s no surprise that artificial intelligence is being increasingly adopted by businesses across various industries. From automating repetitive tasks to quickly analyzing massive amounts of data to generating different types of content, AI improves efficiency and helps deliver tailored customer experiences.

Recruitment is among the sectors that are actively embracing this technology to drive innovation, streamlining the hiring process and enabling data-driven talent decisions. One of the top use cases of artificial intelligence in recruitment is AI candidate screening.

Stay with us to find out how you can use AI for candidate screening, explore the benefits it brings, and discover a high-performance resume screening tool for streamlining the hiring process.

How AI candidate screening works

Screening candidate resumes is an essential step in the recruitment process. It aims at identifying qualified leads by assessing their compatibility with job requirements. This is usually done by analyzing the skills, experience, and background covered in candidates’ resumes.

Candidate screening is followed by shortlisting candidates for later stages of the hiring process. While screening for a single role can take weeks when done manually, using AI for candidate screening can significantly accelerate this task. 

AI-driven resume screening software allows HR teams to evaluate multiple job applications in seconds. Artificial intelligence compares resumes against the job description to determine each candidate’s compatibility with the role, delivering a shortlist of the most suitable individuals to fill it.

Let’s explore the ways artificial intelligence can streamline the screening process.

Resume screening

AI resume screening lets recruiters streamline the most time-consuming part of the hiring process. Artificial intelligence employs NLP (natural language processing) technology that enables automatically extracting and labeling text and voice data to scan resumes based on the essential keywords and classify them according to relevance, skills, and experience, creating a list of the most suitable candidates. 

However, there’s more to it than just that: AI-powered resume-sorting software helps reduce bias and introduce more diversity by removing the possibility of unconscious discrimination.

Skill testing

Another use of AI for screening applicants is running automated tests to assess their skills and knowledge. It can design tailored tests to precisely match job requirements, evaluate results, and provide feedback. In this way, AI helps ensure credible testing results, moving only the most suitable candidates further down the recruitment pipeline.

Video interviewing

AI can also assist you in effectively interviewing candidates to assess their interpersonal skills. AI-powered video interviews rely on speech recognition and computer vision to scan and analyze facial expressions and body language beyond verbal content, resulting in highly precise candidate selection.

Reference checking

Reference checking is another essential capability of AI-based resume screening that helps verify each candidate’s background. NLP and ML can accelerate the reference-checking process by reaching out to applicants through email or phone. 

In addition, artificial intelligence can recap relevant information from references and indicate potential issues.

Personality analysis

Using AI in recruitment screening goes beyond resume analysis and testing skills. Innovative HR teams utilize AI tools that enable personality analysis to deduce candidates’ motivations and values. 

Artificial intelligence can perform personality analysis through chats and psychometric tests. Moreover, it can design engaging and interactive scripts to extract insightful responses and reactions.

Benefits of AI-based resume screening

The automation and improved decision-making that come with adopting AI for resume screening can provide substantial benefits for your organization:

Meet Jesica — your AI-driven candidate screening assistant

A product of over 20 years of experience in hiring management, Jesica.ai has been built to expedite the candidate screening process without compromising on quality. 

How Jesica.ai works

A next-gen resume screening tool, Jesica can transform your hiring process in a few simple steps:

  1. Start by creating your company profile, describing your company and the advantages it offers to employees.
  2. Next, define your company culture by choosing your top three culture traits and provide job requirements.
  3. Add yes/no questions you’d like your candidates to answer; these are mostly legal questions or related to education or salary expectations to know their eligibility to work in the company or fill the job.

Jesica employs advanced algorithms to analyze this information and instantly suggests a framework for automatically screening candidates. All you need to do at this stage is review the criteria, ensuring they align with your business needs.

Once you approve the suggested framework, Jesica can get down to work, performing resume analysis, video interview analysis, and assessments to shortlist the candidate pool to the top candidates.

…and not only that!

Jesica goes far beyond performing resume analysis in seconds. Our AI-driven assistant boasts some revolutionary features that help streamline the hiring process:

Why choose Jesica?

Our extensive background in hiring management allowed us to create Jesica with all common HR pain points in mind. Here are some convincing reasons to choose Jesica for job application screening:

Ready to give automated resume analysis a try?

Why waste time manually checking tons of resumes when you can start using AI for resume screening today? With Jesica, you can significantly accelerate your job application screening process while improving the quality of each hire. 

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